YAMI Kingston

| Yami Kingston is Kingston’s finest destination for authentic Korean cuisine. Wanjoo provided web development web design and photography, as well as social media marketing to boost their online platform

Gurume Kingston

| Gurume is a lively Oriental Bistro, serving traditional Korean food in the heard of Kingston. Wanjoo provided web development and web design to accommodate their business promotion

The Conservatoire Belfast

| The Conservatoire Belfast is a leading choral society located in the center of Belfast. Wanjoo was in charge of managing the social media for the duration of a choral course for 4-14 year olds, taking photos of the various activities and promoting them on a variety of platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Hizen LTD

| A cosmetic licensing business, located in New Malden London, Hizen offers various services, helping companies primarily from South Korea due to the recent popular “K-Beauty” trend to gain certificated to sell cosmetic products in EU and the UK. Wanjoo facilitated Web Design and Wed Development for Hizen to help easy access of information about their services and business

WiseBury Labs

| A consulting company, driven by “blue ocean opportunities”, Wisebury Labs is based in London. Our role in helping them grow their business was creating and designing their website